5x Koi Angelfish (3M/2F)

1x Black Marble (F)

3x Green Lantern Platies

2x Bamboo Shrimp

5x Silvertip Tetras (temp home)

5-9x Bronze-Green Corydoras

3x Pearl Gourami

1x Red Bristlenose Pleco (M)

2x Kribensis Cichlids


Java Moss

Water Hyacinth

Water Lettuce

Anubias Golden

Amazon Sword

Jungle Vallisneria

Filter Peace Lily

Nymphaea Rubra aka Red Lotus


The tank shown is a portion of a 150gal, on which I do weekly 25% water changes. I also own a 30gal that was previously where the camera was pointed. It is currently being used as a quarantine tank for fish I buy. I also own a colony of yellow cherry shrimp (Frameless 15gal cube) and a pond with 5 Koi (I winter the Water Hyacinth & Water Lettuce for it)


coming soon :)