4x Koi Angelfish (2M/2F)

1x Elephant Nose Fish

1x Geophagus Surinamensis

2x Bamboo Shrimp

2x Silvertip Tetras

12x Bronze-Green Corydoras

3x Pearl Gourami

5x Bristlenose Pleco

2x Kribensis Cichlids


Java Moss

Water Hyacinth

Anubias Golden

Amazon Sword

Jungle Vallisneria

Nymphaea Rubra aka Red Lotus


The tank shown is a portion of a 150gal, on which I do weekly 25% water changes. I also own a 30gal that was previously where the camera was pointed. It is currently being used as a quarantine tank for fish I buy. I also own a colony of yellow cherry shrimp (Frameless 15gal cube) and a pond with 5 Koi (I winter the Water Hyacinth for it)


coming soon :)